Versatile Banner Stand Displays (Versa Stand)

Versatile banner stand features with telescopic angle and tilt adjustment versa stand

The Versa Stand display offering from Bcreative is truly one of a kind. The flexibility and portability of this versatile banner stand makes it perfect for presentations, events, retail displays, expositions, and of course trade shows.

The durable banner stand hardware is made from PC, fiberglass reinforced plastic and aluminum that easily disassembles and can be stored in the provided portable travel bag. The flexible arms allow for easy installation of a wide selection of banner sizes. When you need a new banner, simply take off the old banner and replace it with the new graphic. It is just that simple to change banners for seasonal promotions or various trade show and exhibitions throughout the year.

What makes this banner stand stick out is its flexibility to adjust at three different points. Firstly, the ability to rotate the banner 360 degrees, so you can display a vertical layout, horizontal layout and anything in between such as a diagonal layout. Secondly, the banner stand is on a telescopic pole meaning you can adjust the height of the graphic from floor level depending on the environment or event. Finally, the banner stand has a tilt adjustment that can create different display angles for viewing of the banner graphic.

The graphics are printed on 13.5 ounce poly vinyl chloride (PVC) that blocks out all light. This key feature prevents light from penetrating through the banner providing a solid material for any graphic images. The balanced colour reproduction and high print quality combined with the rigidity of the material,  assures a professional display.