Valvoline Wall Mural Design for Reception and Boardroom

Wall graphic design Valvoline Ashland Canada reception race car mural

Reception Area – After Installation

In mid December Bcreative designed, printed and installed two wall murals for Valvoline Canada over a two day period. The wall graphic design above was approximately 18.5 feet wide by 7.5 feet high and includes three separate images combined to make a collage of Valvoline race cars, including a drag racing car and stock racing cars with the Valvoline pit crew. Below is an image of the boardroom wall mural (approximately 10 feet wide by 3 feet high) includes the eight Valvoline company logos from 1873 to the present day.

Step one was to design and install a wall mural for the reception area, this consisted of five separate adhesive vinyl panels tiled together. The drag racer on the left side of the wall was actually supplied as a NextGen car with green graphics. One of our photographers used his skilled photo imaging work to add the MaxLife logo on the side of the car and even change all of the graphics to red rather than the original green. On top of that, the flames were altered to add a more aggressive look to the vehicle and optimize the colour of the fire exiting the exhaust. Our graphic designer knew the cabinet on the right was permanent, with this knowledge the wall mural was designed to work around it and even work if the cabinet was eventually moved. The pit crew (especially the Valvoline badge logo) and vehicle on the right side of the wall had to be placed high enough to show the graphic correctly over the cabinet. With all positive feedback coming from the staff at Valvoline, the job was a success. As you can see from the image below taken before the installation of the wall mural, there was a dramatic change in the appearance of the reception area, adding a new dimension to the Valvoline branding in the Valvoline Canada headquarters.

Valvoline reception area before wall mural installation

Reception Area – Before Installation

Step two we were instructed to design and create a mural for the boardroom. The mural was designed using the torn cardboard element from the current 2014 marketing material. The bottom of the mural includes a timeline of automobiles that used Valvoline oil including a motorized wagon and various racing vehicles (relating to the time period of the logos). Mirror clips were used to hold the mural in place and allow for easy removal if necessary, especially knowing they were planning to repaint the room in the coming future. The series of logos were designed to sit off of the mural to enhance the appearance by adding depth and giving the logos a three dimensional look.

Valvoline Ashland Canada boardroom history of logo mural

Boardroom Area – After Installation