THCF Business Partner Appreciation Day 2015

Tim Hortons Business Partner Appreciation Day

Recently, the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation held their annual Business Partner Appreciation Day. The event took place at their first THCF camp, Tim Horton Onondaga Farms.

It is a fun day for us to experience and learn what it means to be a member at one of the THCF camps. This was our fourth time at camp for the appreciation day and each time has been a different experience. From archery to team building exercises it is always a great day. Having photographed four out of the seven camps in Canada and the US, John Majorossy is always impressed with the enthusiasm of the staff, the energy of the councillors and of course how much fun the kids have. But they not only have a lot of fun, the kids also learn life lessons and experience things they have never experienced before. The Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation is truly a great organization. If you could see these kids at camp and see the graduating class after the five year youth leadership program you would agree. To learn more, please visit the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation website.

Tim Horton Children's Foundation group photography at Tim Horton Onondaga Farms
THCF event business partner photography
THCF group photograph at Tim Horton Onondaga Farms