Online Digital Asset & Image Management

Client Asset Catalogs

Bcreative online image library login

Bcreative has utilized the latest in digital asset management to allow clients access to their files online at any time. It is very simple, just go to or your customized branded library and enter your company’s login information.

File Format

The catalog system is very flexible and can handle a variety of different file formats. Assets that can be uploaded and stored in the catalog include image files (JPG’s, GIF’s, PNG’s, TIFF’s, PSD’s (PhotoShop)), InDesign files, Illustrator files, PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, Word & Excel documents, PDF’s, audio & video files (MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV) and many more!


Once logged into the library, clients have full access to their assets. The files even retain all information and file format (including clipping paths for images (ex. food or product photography)) so they can be downloaded and utilized instantly. Each item is displayed with a labelled thumbnail and a small preview for easy identification of assets directly in the library. This ensures our clients don’t have to download each item for identification purposes.

Separate logins/permissions are also available for a library if the client access wants to have full privileges versus the clients distributor that will only have limited privileges. A custom url and page art is also a good idea to brand your company catalog when multiple users are accessing. bcreative can take care of the entire process to set our clients up with online catalogs that will meet all their needs.

Search & Navigation

The catalogs can be organized to suit any clients needs and help improve navigation. Each asset features a title, caption, category and keyword to ensure the user will find the intended file. When a client is searching for a file there are a couple different ways to find the item. One way is through category browsing through the list on the sidebar, these customized categories help to filter/organize the library. For example,  if a client was looking for a recent photograph done last month it can be organized by date (March 2014), subject (Food Photography – Apples) or any other category the client desires. Another way to find a a file is to search for the item title or keyword in the search bar, this narrows down the items to those that include that specific keyword.


The assets can be bulk selected into a basket making the downloading of multiple items easy to handle. Once all assets are selected, simply press the download button and a zip folder will download with the selected items. Files can even be converted on the spot through the library. For example, if a client is looking to download a low resolution image (JPG) for quick viewing or web use, they can simply click the download icon under the original high resolution image (TIFF) and choose to “Download Small Image.” Once clicked, the low resolution image will quickly download and be ready for use.

Custom Branded Client Logins

Take a look at some of our branded pages below with customized artwork:

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons image library managed by Bcreative

Colour & Design

Colour & Design digital asset management library managed by Bcreative

DeNovo Wall

DeNovo Wall digital asset library managed by Bcreative