New Offering: The Hero Telescopic Banner Stand

Hero telescopic banner stand with light post graphic

Benefits of The Hero Telescopic Banner Stand

The hero telescopic banner stand has a number of benefits for displaying your banner graphic with an attractive appearance. The stand is very simple to set up and takes only a few minutes, simply take the stand out of the travel bag, put the stand on the floor, attach the banner and adjust the height to tighten the graphic (see below for step by step process). The hero telescopic stand features a telescopic pole with a twist function locking system to hold the adjustable pole in place. The telescopic feature is extremely beneficial for any company looking to display their products at trade shows where other banner stand systems would not effectively display. Examples of this application include light posts (see image), buildings or anything that is displayed vertically. The telescopic banner stand is very customizable with an option to attach lighting to the top of the stand and the ability to have banners on one side or both front and back with minimal visible hardware showing. The stand has a variety of height & width options and can hold banner graphics up to 114″ tall with four available widths of 23″, 31.5″, 39″ and 47″. As with all of our banner stands the hardware is lightweight and portable, the graphics are easy to replace, and the graphic material is durable for repeated use. Don’t forget to check out more of our custom trade show displays and other creative design!

Step by Step Assembly Process

1) Remove hero telescopic stand and banner graphic from travel bag
2) Place stand on ground feet first, the legs will snap into place automatically making a tripod
3) Unroll the banner graphic
4) Attach the hanger to the top of the stand
5) If equipped, install accessory light at the top of the stand
6) Turn the twist-locks to loosen the lock in and raise the banner
7) Connect the tab on the kicker at the bottom of the graphic to one of the pins located on the adjustable ring at the bottom of the pole (if you need to adjust the placement of the adjustment ring, use a 2.5 mm allen key)
8) Adjust the height of the pole to ensure the banner graphic is pulled tight
9) Tighten the twist-locks while maintaining tension to the top part of the pole
10) If you are using a graphic on the back, repeat this process before step 9 (tightening of the twist-lock)
11) Done!