Graphic Design & Installation for Tim Hortons Innovation Centre Lobby Museum

Graphic design Tim Hortons innovation centre lobby museum

The Graphic

In early May, Bcreative designed a temporary graphic to cover the entrance to the Tim Hortons museum located at the Tim Hortons Innovation Centre in Oakville, Ontario. The large graphic (4.5 feet wide by 9 feet high) was installed on May 13 and what a difference it makes when entering the facility. The graphic is being used to cover the entrance of the museum (till mid-summer) temporarily as the contents have been moved to Toronto for the promotional event.

The graphic design includes a variety of vintage photographs from the early years of Tim Hortons. Ranging from images of Tim Horton himself (at stores, in the change room at a hockey game and with Ron Joyce), store staff members, promotional advertisements (“tim-mug” for only $1.59, “Tim Horton Donuts – Fresh”, “Round the clock freshness”, “Tim Horton Themos Special”, “Tim Horton’s Together We’re Better” and “T.H.D. Advertising Agency”) and in the middle of the graphic is photography of the first Tim Hortons store.

The Museum

The museum includes replicas of one an earlier store “In the beginning” years of the Tim Hortons empire. When you first walk in there is a counter much like an early Tim Hortons with donuts and baked goods on display, coffee machines, an old cash register, as well as a couple of bar stools. The uniform on display in this room is a replica of what employees would have worn at the time while working the cash register/counter.

As you make your way through into the second room you will notice the large amount of merchandise and signature products on display from the many years of Tim Hortons promotional programs (“Timbits” boxes, coffee cups & canisters, posters, etc.). The second room also includes replica machines and tools used for producing the baked goods that Tim Hortons is famous for as well as a replica uniform that would have been used by the bakers during the early years.

The entire museum is a great representation of how the stores were “In the beginning.” On the outside walls of the museum are many informative posters with images from the many years of the Tim Hortons corporation (some even including our photography).

Graphic design sign Tim Hortons museum entrance