Googles New Feature: Popular Times

Google Popular Times animation throughout week

When you think Google had done it all! This summer the popular search engine released an interesting new feature that informs people on the best times to visit certain local businesses. You may be asking yourself how Google could possibly know when places are the busiest? They use data from users who have shared their location in the past and display traffic for every day of the week for customers.

The feature is a great new tool for consumers to efficiently plan their visits/avoid long wait times and can be useful for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, gyms, grocery stores and more!

As you can see in the above animation, we searched a local grocery store and these were the results. As expected, the busiest times during the week were around the popular times when people get off work (from the hours of 3pm to 7pm). During weekend the traffic was much more consistent which is expected.

As Google advances its usage of consumer data, there is no telling what the next feature will be!