Farm Equipment at it’s Finest!

Photography of farmer with child and tractor in background for ALO

For those of you that don’t know, ALO is a leading manufacturer of tractors, loaders and implements that any farmer would love to have! We were fortunate enough to get the chance to work on their new Quicke and Trima brochures and did 2 days of studio photography of various loaders & implements with an awesome looking tractor to show it all off.

Photography of farmer and family around tractor for ALO

This shoot took a LOT of organizing as we were dealing with both their Niagara Falls and Sweden offices. We also had a few challenges that we had to overcome such as making sure certain shots were lit and positioned just right so they can later be imaged into a chosen background (thank you Canadian winters for making everything outside look so dreary). This part of the shoot was technical and very time consuming but luckily John Lynch of BP Imaging is a master of his craft and we managed to get the shots done perfectly. Another challenge we had to work through was shooting with children and pets that are untrained for this type of work. We had REAL people come in to be our models that have not had “modelling” experience, this can be tricky and when it comes to kids and pets – patience is a virtue. We needed a few shots with a dog… I offered up my incredibly adorable puppy who ultimately did well but trying to get a shot where the pup is paying attention and the child is smiling took some time but the process was  hilarious! The many hours of preparation, shooting and set up that everyone put in was well worth it! The end result were amazing images that would make anyone excited for the product whether they would use it or not.

Check out some of the rough shots and let us know what you think! We’ll post some of the finals as soon as it’s finished and released to the public.

Here’s your sneak peek!

Product photography of tractor with ALO front end

Product beauty photography of tractor with ALO front end loader

Close up tractor photography of tractor with ALO front end

Studio photography of tractor vehicle with ALO front end loader