Creative Photography for Colour & Design in Interior Design – Savoy Bloom™

Bcreative once again completed the creative photography and design for Colour & Design‘s December advertisement for Interior Design Magazine. Colour & Design is a premier source for a variety of commercial wall coverings. Supplying to both the architectural and interior design markets with a range of different patterns, colours and textures, in a professional line of styles for any application.

Savoy Bloom™ is a new interesting lenticular wall covering. On the foreground is a bloomed flower and in the background are repeated medallions. The lenticular effect causes the medallions to be more/less prominent depending on the angle of the light source. The photograph in the advertisement does a superb job in displaying the effect of the viewing angle and light on the wall covering. The “South Beach” colour was a great selection to bring out the true beauty of the wall covering as one of the 12 different colour options (all photographed by Bcreative).

Creative photography for Colour & Design Savoy Bloom™ Ad in Interior Design Magazine