Ad Photography & Design for Colour & Design’s Shimmer Weave™

Bcreative once again completed the wall covering photography and graphic design for Colour & Design‘s April 2014 full page advertisement shown in Interior Design Magazine. Shimmer Weave™ is one of Colour & Design’s newest patterns with a shimmering weave offered in 22 different colour options. The wall covering was manufactured with Radiance Wall™ which adds a light reflective component to the pattern.

The advertisement does an exceptional job in displaying the true weave of the pattern with a close up view to show each strand as well as the reflective component. The weave at the top of the advertisement further exaggerates the weaving properties of the pattern to gain interest from the reader. “Honeycomb” was the best colour to suit the advertisement and display its reflective properties. The Shimmer Weave™ pattern is offered in a variety of 22 colours, all photographed by Bcreative in our studio!

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Ad photography and creative design for wallcovering product advertisement