Benefits of Trade Show Pop Up Booth Displays

Benefits of custom trade show booth displays

1) Easy to Assemble/Disassemble

One of the main benefits of portable trade show display booths is the ease of assembly/disassembly. The pop up booth can be set up by one person in little time because of the frames ability to pop open and expand. The magnetic bars are steered into the correct path towards the frame so all you have to do is lock in place. The frames magnetic bars are divided into three parts which equates to fewer parts and easier operation. With few moving parts, there is less chance for any breakage and improved longevity/durability.

2) Flexible/Reusable

We understand that most businesses are cost conscious, which is why the pop up trade show display is perfect for your next trade show. The pop up displays are very flexible and even interchangeable. When it is time for a new graphic for your booth because of outdated marketing material or seasonal promotions, simply call Bcreative and we will take care of all your graphics needs. The new design that we print in-house, can be used on the same frame immediately with no additional steps, it’s just that easy!

3) Portable

Our pop up trade show booths are easy to transport and feature a lightweight and portable frame. The booth frame (8 or 10 feet wide) conveniently folds into a durable compact traveling case for improved portability and reduced shipping costs. They can conveniently fit and transport in your vehicle much easier than traditional one-piece displays. Your display booth can be used time and time again, making it a great advertising investment.

4) Customizable

Separate yourself from the rest of the exhibitors at trade shows by customizing your booth display graphics to suit your needs and show off your product or service. Enhance the presentation of your products to an audience and make an impression on potential customers with a custom design. Choose how you want to present your company’s elements and logo to create brand recognition that trade show visitors will remember!

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