Another Eggs-citing Project for
Egg Farmers of Ontario

Egg Farmers of Ontario Frittata 101 graphic design

We have had the distinct pleasure of working with the amazing group of people at Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) since 2013. Egg Farmers of Ontario represents the approximately 440 egg farmers and pullet growers in Ontario. It is an independent, self-governing organization funded entirely by egg and pullet farmers.
Every year we have the opportunity to develop and photograph 12+ new recipes for their ever growing online recipe bank. This project involves a lot of initial research on their end to be on top of new trends, while making sure basic egg recipes are well represented as well. We pull our A-team together including the EFO PR team, Recipe Developer(s), Photographer, Prop Stylist and Food Stylist to create unique, timeless images and recipe videos to suit every occasion and taste.

Please take a moment to visit their recipe collection for countless creative egg recipe ideas.

Egg Farmers of Ontario photography salad
Egg Farmers of Ontario photography bowl
Egg Farmers of Ontario Crustless Chai Coconut Pie photography
Egg Farmers of Ontario Berry Cream Puffs photography

Earlier this year, we were thrilled when we were contacted by EFO and Registered Dietitian Carol Harrison about the idea of putting together an impressive new Frittata how-to guide/video for an autumn release. October is World Egg Month, so the EFO wanted to highlight the versatility of frittatas by creating a recipe guide which offers different flavours for different seasons.

Frittatas are like crustless quiches loaded with tasty fillings and are healthy and easy-to-make! Once you master the basic three-step method of cooking them, you can use any combination of fillings you have on hand, including leftovers, to create delicious deep-dish frittatas!

Carol got her team going on all of the content, while our Bcreative team came up with design concept ideas for the guide layout, the looks for the step-by-step and seasonal recipe shots and the storyboard for the accompanying 30 second how-to video.

Egg Farmers of Ontario Frittata 101 booklet design
Egg Farmers of Ontario Frittata Booklet graphic design

Thank you to the whole team who worked so well together throughout the entire process. The appetizing stills, printed guide and how-to video are truly something to be proud of for all involved!

Please watch for the guide in your local grocery store soon and always remember to look for egg cartons with the Canada Grade A Maple Leaf symbol to ensure you are purchasing Canadian eggs and supporting our egg farm families in Ontario.