Advertisement Design for DeNovo Wall’s Corcho™ Wall Covering in Interior Design Magazine

In case you missed it, Bcreative took care of the advertisement design and photography for the newest DeNovo Wall product. Shown in the February 2015 issue of Interior Design Magazine, Corcho, is one of a kind with a unique texture.

We decided to use two different SKU colours and layouts to display the wall covering for consumers to have the opportunity to see multiple angles. The first is the waving wall covering shown starting on the left and fading to the right and the second is the column shown close up on the right. Using subtle lighting techniques and multiple angles to display the wall covering allows the consumer to see the detailed bark-like organic texture of the product, shimmer of the wall covering finish and offers more than a flat one angle photograph.

Along with the advertisement photography, Bcreative also photographed all of the 18 product colour SKU’s for the DeNovo Wall website. These SKU’s make it simple for customers to browse and find both the product and colour options.

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Advertisement graphic design for Denovo Wall Corcho in February 2015 Interior Design Magazine