Advantages of Retractable Banner Stands

Advantage retractable banner stand displays

Retractable banner stands have many features including portability, protection of the banner graphic, ease of use and affordability. Often used in environments such as trade shows, restaurants, retail stores, fundraisers, sporting events, presentations and educational institutions. Retractable banner stands provide many advantages in any marketing or promotional environment:

1) Ease of Use

Retractable banner stands take only seconds to set up and take down, simply pull the banner out of the base (much like a window shade) and attach to the support pole, no assistance required! Retractable banner stands make a great alternative to the larger booth displays when space is limited.

2) Flexibility/Versatility

Use the banner stands over and over by keeping the stand (hardware) and replacing the graphic. This saves money over time and allows interchangeable banners for seasonal promotions, updated marketing material or multiple trade shows throughout the year.

3) Portability

Retractable banner stands are a superior display stand. The graphic banner retracts into a compact aluminum base, improving transportation tremendously. Once retracted and placed into the nylon padded traveling case, the stand can fit into the trunk of your car. They can be stored and transported in situations that bulky traditional banner stands can’t.

4) Effective/Reliable

Banner stand displays are very effective and reliable when properly designed to display your message and attract potential customers to view your services or products at trade shows or retail environments.

5) Protection

Once the graphic banner is rolled into the aluminum base and placed into the padded nylon carrying case, the banner is protected from physical damage during transportation and environmental factors such as dust or fading.

6) Customization

The experienced graphic designers at Bcreative will produce a banner stand to the required specifications that will promote your company’s message. Capture the attention of potential customers with an impacting visual graphic.

7) Affordability

bcreative offers three different retractable banner stand options, the Lite, Standard and Deluxe to suit your specific price range. Each banner stand provides excellent value for displaying your product or service to customers.

Retractable banner stands are a cost effective way to deliver your intended message with impact. For a larger scale promotional aid check out our Benefits of Trade Show Pop Up Booth Displays blog for the benefits of our 8-foot, 10-foot and custom size trade show booths. Next time you are in need of a visual promotional tool, give Bcreative a call for all your design and marketing solutions.