3D Rendering Image for Johnsen Machine Company

Three-Dimensional Rendering Project

Recently Bcreative undertook a project for Johnsen Machine Company (JMC). The project consisted of creating a 3D rendering for one of their packaging machines, the PB50. This new machine was sold in such a short amount of time that JMC did not have time for us to photograph it like we have done with many of their packaging machines in the past. But in this case we could help out JMC produce a realistic image to promote their product using 3D rendering software.

These machines were designed using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) which is a digital three-dimensional representation of an object stored on a computer. From these machine CAD files we were able to create a realistic 3D rendering of the new machine for JMC to use for promotional purposes without having to incur further costs to manufacture an entirely new machine to photograph.

3D Rendering

Unlike photography, 3D renderings need to be created on the computer using geometric models of three dimensional objects before a rendering can be produced, but with this comes almost infinite amount of creative control. Once a rendering is produced it is similar to a two-dimensional photograph but with the benefit of being able to render out any angle or point of view using the original three-dimensional data file. The rendering can produce realistic simulations for light, texture, shadows and colour to add effects to the final image. The final product can be used as a high resolution image for large scale print, small scale web use, videos, or interactive media. The downside of 3D rendering is the long processing time because the software has to create each pixel of data which involves a great amount of calculation to create an entire 3D scene.

Take a look at the image below and see if you can tell it was created using 3D rendering software.

3D rendering for Johnsen Machine Company and JMC Packaging